Advanced low cost high volume 802.11 solution goes open source giving system implementers unprecedented control over their project both technically and from a risk/support perspective. This software is matched with one of the highest volume most robust 802.11 chipsets sold into the cellular markets which has been optimized for both performance and battery consumption.

This new API is provide just above the hardware extraction level so that the customer does not need to deal with the details of the hardware control. The API provides enough functionally to complete everything beyond packet send and receive. The rest of the protocol is open for customer modification. This market changing event allows never before possible customized protocols to be implemented on high volume low cost silicon from one of the biggest IC suppliers in the market.

These events are expected to allow for repaid adoption of 802.11 into areas not expect previously such as meter reading, industrial applications for health and status, wearable computers such as health recorders, medical equipment recording, security systems such as inter-modal container tracking.

New applications for machine to machine communications for applications like temperature sensing, power control, industrial automation, equipment and appliance health and status. These solution will work better with longer range and lower cost than Bluetooth and Zibee. In the past solution providers have kept software access closed to insure a competitive edge which in turn has limited the ability of customers to provide value add beyond the basic driver level. This open source access allows for simple packet inject and received which can be implemented in the smallest of processors. This action allows mesh networking providers to implement their IP using this silicon and realize all of their potential value add.

Details about the software release can be found at http://www.sagrad.com/opensource/.  At this location you can download the latest API and example code from Sagrad. Sagrad is supporting opensource activities related to this API and IC.  Hardware supporting this software development will be available for order from Sagrad, Inc. and their distribution centers. Modules and ICs for this software are available for volume applications.

Sagrad, Inc. is releasing immediate example code to show how to boot up the WiFi module based on this chipset and we continue to develop example systems to helps demonstrate how easy it is to implement working systems using this open source API. Sagrad will release low cost development hardware in a few short weeks which will allow customers, open source developers, educational systems, and researchers to implement networks at very low cost.

Sagrad, Inc. has a strong history in 802.11 and supplies ICs and easy to integrate modules for this market based on high volume chipsets from the most trusted sources.  Modules are available for immediate integration and testing with current products. The API is well below the operating system level so the current EVK desiged for testing on laptops requires custom driver development but should be available sometime in the future.

As an alternative, Sagrad, Inc. provides fully tested WiFi drivers for these modules/ICs in binary form for everything except the low level drivers which are sublicensed as source code to allow customers to maintain control over the integration of the solutions on their hardware. This chipset supports most all common processors and this code base has been integrated and tested by most major OEM and computer manufacture as well as the top cell phone suppliers.


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